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A| Adam Gås – Bullshit


There's really no easy way to say this,
but it's not me, it's you.
I can not have to listen to all your fating bullshit

Every word is in the game,
and you always have to be you.
But never interferes my life,
because it's an event,
and part of my life,
where we stand for a mile,
and waiting for better times.

So baby, stressed out every day,
is as an dead life.
We stands in same box,
and fear for our dead.
I am a guy looking for his self-esteem.
Baby we will be in this great great world forever,
And all the things you say are bullshit!

Snakes is closer than you believe.
Except with your best friends.
I was an problem child,
as learned to love oneself.
So that you say is bullshit.
You learned to stressed out!


En text om en vän som varit falsk hela tiden.


A text of a friend, that has been false all along.