Inspiration för brevet till ditt fadderbarn – kopiera texten nedan, klistra in och fyll på med dina egna ord. Enklast är att skicka brev via Min sida. Där kan du skriva brev och skicka bilder till ditt fadderbarn. På Min sida hittar du också all information om ditt fadderskap.

Hi …!

I am your sponsor. My name is …, I am … years old and I live in … in Sweden. As you may already know, Sweden is a country situated in the north of Europe and our capital is called Stockholm. In Sweden we have four different weather seasons and right now it’s …

My family consists of:
My hobbies are:
What does your daily life look like? What do you like to do in your spare time?I hope to hear from you soon!

Kind regards, …